When you are using social media, it’s easy to feel like everyone has a perfect life. We don’t consciously think that, but we do get the impression from social media that everyone is constantly having a blast and traveling to amazing places and meeting interesting people. 

Anyone who’s ever spent time on social media has felt the pressure to be as interesting, funny, successful, and all-around great as their friends. You see the photos of their exotic vacations with sexy Canberra escorts, having sumptuous meals, and wearing brilliant outfits. You might even see some that are just plain bragging and dishing about how they got a promotion or had a fantastic night out with a bunch of celebrities. 

Social Media Has Exaggerations

It can be hard to accept that your friends’ lives are not always as glamorous as they seem on social media, but in the end, that’s what makes it all the better when you finally get to hang out with them. 

For most of our relationships, we see social media as an extension of face-to-face interaction, a way of keeping up with our friends without forcing them to update us about every little detail of their lives. We try hard not to take things said online too seriously, but sometimes it’s hard to realize when we’re taking ourselves too seriously online.

The truth is that social media is full of exaggerations, edited pictures that hide flaws, or feature backdrops that were paid for by companies who want their clients’ products seen in the best light possible. There are those who use social media as a tool for self-promotion to earn rather than as a tool for connecting with others.

Sexy young woman in lingerie posing on the bed.

Trying Too Hard

You want people to think highly of you, so you try hard to post nice things in the hopes that others will think favorably of you as a result. Trying too hard also leads us into self-delusion. We may convince ourselves that our posts are being appreciated when in fact nothing has changed since before we started trying so hard. 

This kind of thinking only hurts us by making us feel bad when reality comes crashing down around us. We’ve invested too much emotion and effort into something false as virtual reality and now have nothing left but disappointment.

When Posts Are Boring 

It may make a guy think that he wants to date girls with a lot of friends because he believes that having lots of friends means she’s a good person. But he might not want to be with her if she doesn’t have any friends at all. Worse yet, if her social media posts are boring, it might scare him away.

It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of trying to keep up with your friends’ lives online. It can become a never-ending cycle of comparison that leaves you feeling less than adequate about yourself because all you’re doing is posting about your boring day job and how you went to bed early last night because you were tired, not at some party rubbing shoulders with your favorite actors.

In Conclusion

We all have a tendency to post photos and statuses on social media in which we’re trying too hard for acceptance from others. Either we feel bad about ourselves and want people to comment on how great we look or sound, or we use social media to show off instead of just enjoying the moment or sharing the experience with our friends.